It is that wonderful time of year that the earth seems to be giving us a fresh start. Birds are building their nests, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and grass is growing. It is also a time of year that a lot of people start spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is so much more than just cleaning, it is a time to give your ranch a facelift. Be sure to watch out for snakes and other critters!

If you’re a ranch owner, large or small, you probably already have a list of to-dos for this season. Here are some tasks to add to your spring cleaning list:


Gardens & Landscaping

Now is the perfect time to pull out and replace old plants that aren’t doing well or have seen better days. It is amazing what joy a beautiful and fresh flower bed can bring to any place.


Shred, mow, weed eat, chainsaw all of that old dead brush back to make room for all of the new growth coming. Trim along roads, fence lines, tanks, troughs, and ponds. You can burn all of the brush you clear, taking burn-bans into account, of course.


Drain and clean all of the built-up gunk in water troughs and other water features.

Organize Barns

Storage areas tend to become extremely cluttered, take inventory of what you have, toss anything you no longer have a use for, organize shelves and cupboards. It is so nice when everything that you need is easy to locate.


Make sure all of your equipment, (tractors, UTV’s, etc.) are up to date on oil changes. And while you’re at it, give them a good cleaning both inside and out.

Power Wash

Power wash your trailers, equipment, tools, the sides of barns/buildings, concrete walkways and parking areas