South Texas

Texas,  it brings so many thoughts and emotions that it’s hard to get them all into words, but honor, independence, strong character, and deep cultural roots come immediately to mind.           -Craig Carter

The South Texas region is one of the largest regions with a number of sub-regions at considerable distances from each other, stretching from the Lower Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Laredo. The South Texas plains and brush country makes its transition along the boundaries of the Texas Hill Country and continuing on through the subtropical areas of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Terrain varies from densely covered rolling hills covered in high protein native brush, bull mesquites and prickly pear to the sprawling open grasslands, all with a healthy covering of Live Oak trees and other native hardwoods. Soils of South Texas are primarily alkaline to slightly acidic clays and clay loams. The deeper soils sustain the taller brush species, such as mesquite and spiny hackberry and other types, while the shorter, dense brushes grow better in the caliche soils. This South Texas Region also encompasses the Rio Grande Valley, following the very long Rio Grande River. The subtropical ecosystem found along this stretch lies the farthest south than any other in the United States. It is likened to that of parts of Florida in its weather, humidity and rainfall. Tropical birds, subtropical woodlands, palm and citrus trees make up this Rio Grande delta region.

South Texas is famous for its bird watching along the border and coastal areas; while trophy whitetail deer hunting remains a favorite on private ranches.

Major Rivers: Guadalupe, San Antonio, Nueces, Lavaca, Rio Grande.

Major Aquifer: Edwards, Trinity, Carrizo-Wilcox, Gulf Coast

Size: 28,000 square miles

Recent South Texas Listings

Javelina Ranch 966 Acre Ranch Jim Hogg County Image 1

Javelina Ranch

966 acres

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For sale in Jim Hogg County, an exceptional South Texas hunting ranch with plenty of high-protein brush and good native grasses.

Hebbronville, Texas

Dos Hermanos Ranch 670 Acre Ranch Duval County Image 18

Dos Hermanos Ranch

670 acres

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For sale in Duval County, an exceptionally improved hunting ranch with an abundance of wildlife and hunting facilities in place.

Freer, Texas

Medio Valley 2278 Acre Ranch Bee County Image 1

Medio Valley Ranch

2278 acres

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A highly improved 2,278± acre hunting and recreational showplace for sale in Bee County featuring a 2,800± square-foot vintage barnwood home.

Beeville, Texas

Island Point 369 Acre Ranch Jim Wells County Image 20

Island Point Ranch

369 acres

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Exceptional lakefront property for sale, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast to create a weekend getaway or a forever home, in Jim Wells County.

Sandia, Texas

J & M Bow Ranch 68 Acre Ranch Karnes County Image 1

J & M Bow Ranch

68 acres

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Here is an excellent South Texas bow hunting ranch for sale outside of Kenedy, Texas. This ranch comes with a home or hunting lodge, an array of exotics, and private seclusion,

Kenedy, Texas

Lagarto Creek Ranch 132 Acre Ranch Live Oak County Image 1

Lagarto Creek Ranch

135 acres

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Lagarto Creek Ranch, a wonderful 135± acre ranch is for sale in Live Oak County. Found where South Texas meets the Gulf Coast. Your perfect country homestead or a fantastic weekend getaway.

Sandia, Texas

El Cerrito Ranch 298 Acre Ranch Goliad County Image 15
Under Contract

El Cerrito Ranch

298 acres

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Excellent 298± acre deer breeding ranch for sale offering a great opportunity for a commercial hunting operation.

Berclair, Texas

Hidden Springs Ranch 175 Acre Ranch Atascosa County Image 1

Hidden Springs Ranch

175 acres

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Excellent South Texas recreational hunting and cattle ranch for sale featuring a seven-acre lake.

Lytle, Texas

Manahuilla Creek Ranch 126 Acre Ranch Goliad County Image 12

Manahuilla Creek Ranch

126 acres

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Here is an ideal South Texas homestead for sale; featuring beautiful views, abundant wildlife, and a wet weather creek.

Goliad, Texas

Red Rock Ranch 1289 Acre Ranch Atascosa County Image 16

Red Rock Ranch

1289 acres

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A 1,289± acre South Texas Oasis for sale, this ranch spans across three counties and offers incredible amenities.

Campbellton, Texas

North Shipp Ranch 4432 Acre Ranch Webb County Image 1

North Shipp Ranch

4,432 acres

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Incredible 4,432± acre South Texas recreational hunting and cattle ranch for sale in Webb County.

Laredo, Texas

Los Cortes Ranch 100 Acre Ranch Wilson County Image 8
Under Contract

Los Cortes Ranch

100 acres

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Here is a great 100± acre South Texas ranch for sale, ready for a savvy ranch buyer’s creative vision to take shape.

McCoy, Texas

Apache Creek Ranch 2058 Acre Ranch Medina County Image 12

Apache Creek Ranch

2,058 acres

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Incredible 2,058± acre recreational and hunting ranch in a prime location with so much to offer.

Devine, Texas

Las Moritas Ranch 3845 Acre Ranch Webb County Image 10

Las Moritas Ranch

3,845 acres

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Beautiful 3,845± acre low-fenced cattle ranch located outside of Laredo, Texas in Webb County.

Laredo, Texas

Broke Oak Ranch 175 Acre Ranch Karnes County Image 10

Broke Oak Ranch

175 acres

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Beautiful 175± acre South Texas recreational property with endless improvement possibilities, or ready to enjoy as-is.

Karnes City, Texas