Pacific Northwest

“Here in the corner attic of America, two hours’ drive from a rain forest, a desert, a foreign country, an empty island, a hidden fjord, a raging river, a glacier, and a volcano is a place where the inhabitants sense they can do no better, nor do they want to.” ― Timothy Egan

The Pacific Northwest is picturesque and diverse region dominated by several Mountain ranges, the highest peak is Mount Rainer at 14,410 feet.Coastal features are defined by the interaction with the Pacific and the North American continent.This region has one of the world’s longest fjord coastlines. Further inland are are broad and typically dry plateau. The main general climatic types of the Pacific Northwest are temperate: both moderate and four seasons, but mountainous and arid climates occupy much of the less inhabited or inland areas of the region. Most of this region is forested

Major River: Snake, Columbia

Pacific Northwest Ranch Properties

Y-Bell Ranch 435 Acre Ranch, Crook County, Oregon, Image 20

Y-Bell Ranch

435 acres

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A luxurious Central Oregon equestrian, cattle, and recreational ranch for sale just outside of Redmond, Oregon.

Powell Butte, Oregon

Y-Bell Farms 1135 Acre Ranch Crook County Oregon Image 43

Y-Bell Farms

1,135 acres

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Central Oregon working farm, equestrian, cattle, and recreational farm for sale just outside of Redmond, Oregon.

Powell Butte, Oregon