North Texas

“Texas isn’t just a place on a map… It’s an idea in the hearts of our people.”
George P. Bush Texas Land Commissioner

North Texas is situated primarily in the northern portion of Texas. When one thinks of North Texas generally the following areas come to mind: Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, south of Oklahoma, east of Abilene, west of Paris, and north of Waco. The Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex is considered the center of North Texas.
The North Texas region is made up of a transitional area that ranges northward into the Great Plains or eastward into the forests. The hills and valleys in North Texas aren’t as melodramatic as those in Southeastern Oklahoma, but the varied terrain is amazing. The Grand Prairie and Red River Valley gives away to the breaks of the Cross Timbers in the central valley, and the further west you go, the more the Caprock becomes noticeable. Average annual rainfall is 28 to 40 inches with May or June generally boasting the most rainfall annually. Soils are primarily sandy to loamy. Highland soils are lighter colored, acidic sandy loam soils, and the lower land sandy loam soils are lighter brown to dark gray and acidic clays. There are also areas of deep fertile black soils used for food produce and forage crops. The landscape of the region is gently rolling with elevations ranging from 300 to 800 feet above sea level. The region can be described as oak savannah, where patches of oak woodland are interspersed with grassland. Cattle ranching is the major agricultural industry in the Oak Woods and Prairies. Introduced grasses such as bermudagrass are grazed along with forage crops and native grasslands. Crop production and cattle ranching are the primary agricultural industries.

Major Rivers: Canadian River, Red River, Sabine River, Brazos River
Major Aquifer: Trinity

North Texas Ranch Properties

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Madera Bonita Ranch

452 acres

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Excellent 452± acre hunting and cattle ranch located outside of Old Glory, Texas in Stonewall County.

Old Glory, Texas