Sheldon Grothaus knows Texas Ranches. He grew up on one, he operates two, and he owns and runs two companies that specialize in helping clients improve, market, and purchase ranches.

Born in San Antonio and raised on a small South Texas cattle ranch, Sheldon studied wildlife management at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. He currently owns and operates Texas Whitetail Breeders, which produces 500 head of deer annually, and a 350-head F-1 commercial cattle operation. But Sheldon’s passion is ranches. He owns and operates two other ranch related businesses that help others fulfill their ranch dreams. One, a specialized premium ranch brokerage he formed in 2001 to connect discerning Texas ranch buyers and sellers across the state, is Texas Ranch Sales, LLC. The second, Texas Ranch Developers, LLC grew out of his interest and expertise in ranch revitalization and improvement.

Texas Ranch Sales, LLC is unique in its approach to selling premium ranches across the entire state of Texas. Sheldon has assembled a knowledgeable and experienced team of brokers, associates, and marketing professionals to effectively locate and market ranches. With representatives across the state and top-quality marketing support, Texas Ranch Sales offers the ultimate package of statewide Texas Ranch brokerage services.

Texas Ranch Developers, LLC, Sheldon’s land asset improvement company, is a natural extension of his devotion to Texas ranches. He doesn’t just see ranches for what they are now, but what they can become in the future. He and his team work to rehab distressed ranches that have been neglected or polish ranches that can better achieve their potential with well-focused enhancements like improved pastures, upgraded structures, augmented water features. or the introduction of deer from improved genetics onto a ranch.

Sheldon’s favorite place to be is the Texas Hill Country, for its topography, wildlife, water resources, and friendly people. His favorite restaurant is his wife’s kitchen.

“All my business dealings are guided by this quote I came across in my reading: ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Integrity is the basis of my business philosophy.”

“For me, Texas is all about the rich, cultural heritage handed down ever since my grandparents came to this state to capitalize on its promise of a better life for their family. That promise still exists today. Now like then, the legacy can be claimed and built on a foundation of hard work and determination.”

“Every individual who buys or sells a ranch with us, deserves
—and gets— our complete attention. While we conduct deals all over Texas for many clients, we never forget that the transaction on the table, whether it’s selling a family property or buying a ranch where a family will write its own land history, is important and highly personal.”