It takes special passion and determination to create a true Gentleman’s Recreational Hunting Ranch. It also, of course, takes the right location. When Steve Robbins found his 2,280 acres of hunter’s paradise in Uvalde County 10 years ago, these two essential elements came together. After many satisfying years developing his industrial distribution company, Robbins set out on his greatest journey, creating the Blue Mountain Hunting Ranch. What he needed most was patience. Patience to develop the ranch’s total potential and to secure the perfect team to deliver his vision.

Those ideal native elements on the property that Robbins found to create Blue Mountain Ranch are thick high protein brush species including Blackbrush, Guajillo, and Granjeno, perfect cover and forage for native and exotic wildlife, and extensive canopies of Mesquite and Oak. There is also three miles of Dry Frio River frontage, and multiple wet weather tributaries of the river leading through the ranch. The property’s location also fit the bill: paved access directly from US Highway 90 in the unparalleled Whitetail hunting paradise between Texas Hill Country and South Texas brush country, and less than an hour and a half drive from San Antonio.

Over 10 years, Robbins driving force has been his excitement with perfecting the coordination of the various ranch tasks necessary to create a first-class hunting ranch. Asked about the essential elements in his creation of the true gentleman’s hunting ranch, Robbins summed it up as “the desire to exceed the client’s expectations. The service and hospitality provided are extremely important for customer retention. It’s essential to offer first class facilities including great lodging, a game room, a pool, and a skeet range, and the overall condition of the ranch. Also, of course, thorough preparation and execution, and attention to detail beyond the hunt.”

Among Robbins many contributions to the ranch’s infrastructure is the beautifully landscaped 5,000 square foot main lodge with five bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, massive trophy room, media room with large bar, expansive porches, a swimming pool with hot tub, and patio and fire pit areas. The lodge has covered parking and extensive landscaping. Blue Mountain Ranch now also includes a Foreman’s house, bunkhouse, equipment barn, cattle pens, dog kennels, a game cleaning area with a walk-in cooler, and a gun range. It also has five water wells with electric pumps, several tanks, and about five miles of underground piping. Food plots, and corn and protein feeders are in place surrounding the 20 top-of-the-line executive blinds purpose-built for successful commercial hunts. Two electric gated entries lead to four miles of traprock road to the main lodge and 23 miles of good interior ranch roads.

Of course, any commercial hunting ranch needs superior wildlife stock. But remember, Robbins didn’t want just any hunting ranch! Under his direction around 100 Whitetail bucks with advanced genetics and many bred does have been released onto the ranch. And he didn’t stop there, he also stocked the ranch with an impressive array of exotic wildlife including Sika, Axis, and Fallow deer, Aoudad, Blackbuck, Scimitar oryx, Nilgai antelope, zebra, Red sheep, Eland, Watusi, Gemsbok, and Addax. Abundant native wildlife also includes turkey, quail, dove, and javelina. The ranch is high fenced into three exceptional hunting pastures.

Steve Robbins has stated that creating and running Blue Mountain Hunting Ranch has been one of the greatest pleasures that life has presented to him, his family, and his friends. He’s certain that the ultimate buyer of the ranch will enjoy further developing unique relationships with their families, friends, and clients. If you’d like the opportunity to nurture those relationships and own this one-of-a-kind hunting ranch.